History of Willa Hueta

The powerful neo-renaissance villa located at the corner street Prosta and Slowackiego was built in 1908-1910. It was built by Wladyslaw Huet according to his own design in the area redeemed from the grange “Psiarnia”. He was a teacher of French language at the School of Economics and now it's high school named J. Śniadeckiego. Newspaper “Kielecka” reported then that “Huet rises storey house, transferable from the street with flowerbeds. It has to be a gem after the end”. Indeed created a beautiful building with an area of about 1400 square meters.

Wladyslaw Huet was born 7th of December in 1868 in Czernice. His ancestors were Protestants and fled from France to Polish in the late eighteenth century to avoid religious persecution. Huet graduated study of drawing, painting and graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich.


After returning to Polish he taught freehand drawing in Sosnowiec and since 1905 in the 7-class School of Commerce and the Association of Polish Merchants in Kielce which later became State Gymnasium of John Śniadecki. He designed and built a house at the corner street Prosta and Slowackiego and its style was similar to French buildings.

For this reason villa quickly became known as the Palace of Huet. In 1912 he founded the Scout Fellowship which in 1916 turned into a First Kielecka Scout Troop named Dionizego Czachowskiego. He took care of the team until his death. Wladyslaw Huet died at the age of almost 54 years – 13 th of May in 1923 of typhoid fever that prevailed then in Kielce.



His wife Helena Niedźwiecka died in 1935. Both of them were buried in the Old Cemetery in Kielce. Wladyslaw Huet was one of the most interesting characters in Kielce from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.


Villa Huet was falling into disrepair from years but since 2007 has a new owner who completely renovated the facility under the supervision of the Regional Conservator. Restored numerous architectural details of the facade and interior. Since June 2013 in the building operates Hotel, Restaurant and a modern Conference Centre.